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History of MGCC

The MG Car Club India (MGCC-I) is a brotherhood extension of one of the world’s oldest car clubs, MG Car Club. Founded in 1930, the MGCC is the original club for MG owners that runs on a shared passion and rich brand heritage. The club headquarters, famously known as the Kimber House, is in Abingdon. The MG Car Club currently has 55,000 affiliated members Worldwide.

The Club unites people from all over the world in their enthusiasm for MG cars of every type and generation, including the very latest models. It brings them together to enjoy MG-themed events, including racing and other competitions.

About MGCC India

About MGCC India

The MG Car Club India (MGCC-I) is formed with an objective of bringing together all the MG owners and enthusiasts across the country. Experience is an integral part of MG. While driving an MG is a great experience in itself, yet we constantly strive to create motoring events and activities that are truly world-class, certainly fun, and memorable. The journey of MGCC-I has started even before the official formation of the club. Between February and December 2019, numerous MG Experience Drives were organised in different regions of the country.

What’s in it for the members

What’s in it for the members

The local centres of MGCC-I engage and communicate with the MG community members of that area on a regular basis and work towards developing close relationships among the members. Taking guidance from the top governing body, these clubs organise various activities and events for the MGCC Members, encourage and motivate their participation in these. The MGCC-I makes sure that all these activities and events are in-sync with the guiding brand philosophy of MG, and are family-oriented, non-political and non-religious in nature.

Note : Only 12 City members can nominate themselves for the Centre Officers in phase 1. Respective Cities are: Ahmedabad, Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune & Vadodara

         Thank you for an overwhelming response for applying to the positions of MGCC India club officers role.

         Stay tuned! We will be announcing the names of the selected officers for the respective centers shortly.